Sometimes I love to play tourist. This means getting out to some of Skye‘s beautiful locations, getting my landscape head on, shooting a tiger on the beach and watching my friends enjoy the odd scone. Part of the fun for me is to challenge myself to photography differently and to find a new angle. In […]

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Breakish as realised by Ian MacRae, Mrs L365’s father, in 1977. This was created in aid of the campaign for an improved road through Breakish. The council wanted the big one within the dotted lines and the village didn’t. The village won. Let that be a lesson to any one taking Breakish on. We live […]

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  • Damon Hoggett - You’re not alone – I would recommend having a listen to David Sedaris ‘Nuit of the Living Dead’. As well as giving you a good laugh, might give you some ideas for welcoming unexpected visitors (not to mention rodent control).

    I understand it is being broadcast again Sunday 31st March on ‘Radio 4 extra’ between 10.30pm and 11pm.–series-2—3-nuit-of-the-living-dead-and-the-end-of-the-affairReplyCancel

  • Colin McLean - Actually, at least in Breakish (Upper or Lower) or Sculamus (depending of the angle of the moon if I’ve understood you properly), at least there’s a friendly native (to the tourists, even you are a native) whose tepee you can knock on – if you can knock on a tepee? – and ask, and have a reasonable expectation of a helpful, or at least reasonably helpful, reply. Try that in Edinburgh Park and what you’ll get is “Ye cannae park here” (even when there appears to be acres of tarmac vacant of tepees or indeed cars). Sometimes, the aforesaid tourist might follow that with “son” which in my case redeems them slightly. But it still doesn’t deal with the original question of “Where the **** is No 2 Lochside Place?”

    It’s been a long day…….for us humble wage slavesReplyCancel

  • Dates Debates And Memories But The Music Comes From A Very Different Planet – Scottish Roundup - […] circles and live in the political village do tend to forget this so it does no harm to be reminded. Landscapes 365 does to this good effect in the excellent post Village of Confusion which explains that life on […]ReplyCancel