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Remember summer…?

I have a vast gallery of family photos – I like to capture elements of every day of our precious family time – and sometimes it takes a while to get round to editing my personal work. But those images are there on my hard drive shouting at me “remember that great day at Clachtoll beach last summer?” Last night I couldn’t resist the clamour to edit any longer – so here is a quick memory of a very happy day at Clachtoll in the far north west of Scotland .

The photographs help me to remember the feeling of the softness of the sand, the light sparkling on the waters and the sound of laughter rippling round another deserted beach. One day the children and I will look at these images and I imagine that we will say to each other “remember that summer? the year that we spent all of July camping up and down the north west and the sun shone and it felt like we never stopped laughing” but right now I look at these images and all I can think is “remember summer?”






  • JAY BEE - Lovely words and super family shots – never to be forgotten. I have a friend in the UK who has NEVER owned a camera and has 3 lovely kids (now grown up)The only memories his wife has of their childhood/school days are the pictures I and some other friends took of our families enjoying life together. I am a little sad about that, but at least there are a few pics remaining of them as youngsters……ReplyCancel

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