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Usually I write about our quiet pastimes on Skye – a bit of baking, exploring on our favourite beach, photographing families and weddings – but there’s another side to us… I also do commercial photography and photograph events – and what a weekend it’s been for those. Not just from a working perspective but because my little girl, Kate (aka Little Miss Decibels) was at the heart of all the events I attended.

Kate has two very favourite things in her life. Music and Art. Don’t ask her to choose between them. She will  fix you with her best Paddington hard stare and tell you “NO”. This weekend saw the summer show of her musical theatre classes, the opening of the summer exhibition at her art class Room 13 AND the very first summer recital by the pupils of Skye Music Lessons held in our much loved, and 200 metres from the house, village hall. I have had the most amazing weekend. Photographing the musical theatre shows, being awestruck by the talent  and bravery of the local children who give it their all, having Uptown Funk irredeemably stuck in my head one more time, watching with pride as Kate showed visitors around the art exhibition and sketching her as she worked on a new drawing in the studio to that heart thumping moment as she, confidently, took her place behind the keyboard and played her piano piece with aplomb.

And at all these moments I was surrounded by other Mums and Dads and Grandparents and brothers and sisters all simply being there to support and cheer on their loved one. The venues may lack the swank and finesse of the West end but there is something about the atmosphere of the West coast that means that there is nowhere else I would rather see my children grow and find themselves and their passions.


  • Angi Plant - Who needs swanky places when you’ve got happy kids with smiling faces and self confidence? Not me!! Seeing our daughter sing at local carnival is worth more than the location 🙂 Agree with you totallyReplyCancel

  • JAY BEE - I can only agree with your sentiments. We live in a terribly material world, with its uncertainties, fear and disappointment. What better way to find yourself (as a child) than growing in the wonderful, atmospheric ‘climate’ of the West coast. Despite all my sunshine etc. here, I do miss the place and its people – but not the rain + midges……ReplyCancel

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