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Ten top photography tips for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is  a bittersweet joy for me. I love celebrating with my children and I miss my Mum. Today, in the glorious Skye sunshine, reminds me that whenever you are together as a family is a wonderful time to make some lasting memories with your camera. So here are my top ten tips for family photography. The last photograph in this post is the one I think of and look at today. I hope you have a wonderful day however you are celebrating – and I extend a warm hug to everyone who is missing a loved one.

Whenever I speak with parents on the day of a family photoshoot there is always a certain anxiety in the air. We parents know just how hard it is to get the children in front of the camera, all looking, all eyes open, all smiling, all at the same time. This is what I do every day for work – and I love it! As Love Skye Photography my time is spent with children (of all ages ) who do not want to stand still, look at the camera and SMILE. Here are my top ten tips..

1. Make it fun.


2. Get outdoors.


3. Don’t be afraid to join in.

4. You don’t have to look at the camera! In fact, it’s often better if you don’t.


5. Peek a boo is fun. Expect your photographer to spend some time playing with and gaining the trust of small children. It’ll lead to the best moments.


6. Think about what is special to you about this photo session. The images below are to remind an expat family of home.


7. Location, location, location.


8. Include your pets. It’s relaxing for everyone.


9.  When in doubt bribe with a chocolate biscuit (and ALWAYS carry wipes)


10. Great memories are all about the emotion of the moment. Here are my two favourite photographs.


Next time we’ll cover my top ten technical tips for photographing your family.


Rosie x

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