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Skye for the weekend

Sometimes I love to play tourist. This means getting out to some of Skye‘s beautiful locations, getting my landscape head on, shooting a tiger on the beach and watching my friends enjoy the odd scone.

Part of the fun for me is to challenge myself to photography differently and to find a new angle. In the midst of these photos is a very famous (to photographer’s) subject that I’ve tried a new take on…a prize for identifying it!2013-06-18_0042 2013-06-18_0043 2013-06-18_0044 2013-06-18_0045 2013-06-18_0046 2013-06-18_0047 2013-06-18_0048 2013-06-18_0049 2013-06-18_0050 2013-06-18_0051 2013-06-18_0052 2013-06-18_0053

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